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Real Name & Age: Jennifer; 22 Character Name & Age: Victoria… 
4th-Jul-2005 07:37 pm

Real Name & Age: Jennifer; 22

Character Name & Age: Victoria Jasper - 28

AIM/MSN/Yahoo: mab8merlin; the.grrk.geek@gmail.com; jenn6142001

E-mail: jenn6142001@yahoo.com or alan.rickman.fan@gmail.com (yahoo gets moody sometimes but it is my main account)

Time Zone: Eastern

Experience?: I have been doing PBEM RPG's since 1997 mainly in the Star Trek and the Harry Potter fandom. I've also done an ER, a Ghostbusters and a couple of multi-fandoms in the PBEM genre. All in all, I have been in more than 20 PBEM games in the past eight years along with running a few of them.

I've only been doing journal based RPG's for the past two months but I find them to be like PBEM RPG's for the most part. I've been participating in Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in two different games so far but am looking to enhance my knowledge. If you need a general view of my RPG experience, I have two posts for two of my characters in one of my character journals on livejournal at nevanvonearaisa.

Character's background info?: Victoria was born to a Wizard and Witch in 1977 by the names of Markus Jasper and Claudette la Forme. She was their first and only child. In the early years of her life her mother showed little interest in her and spent great deals of time away from their family estate while her father Markus idolized the small girl. She was infact, his most prized possession and he did everything to make sure she was happy.

One night, two weeks before her sixth birthday, her father followed their normal nightly ritual; told her her favorite doggie story and tucked her into the fantasy kingdom that was her bedroom. Less than an hour of being tucked in, Victoria was awoken due to a violent storm happening outside of their London home and went down to her father's study for cuddles. His door was partially opened so Victoria pushed it open and went into the room to find her father only to find two cloaked men standing over his lifeless body. She hid behind a loveseat until they left through the patio doors. She was found the next morning by the house keeper lying in a pool of her father's blood as she sobbed and clung to him. Two months after his death, her mother was re-married to her father's business associate.

Victoria never talked about that night with anyone and pushed it further away each year. Four years after her marriage, her mother had the first of four siblings that Victoria would gain and Victoria found herself being sent away to a small, private boarding school for girls.

Victoria has a few friends but has never been one to be close to anyone. She suffers from nightmares of the night her father was murdered and secretly she fears that the 'monsters' are going to come after her at some point.

Specie of your character: Human / Witch

Why do you think you'd be good as this character?: Victoria is my other half. She is my muse; at times I think I know her better than I know myself. I can adapt her to many different situations and feel most comfortable writing as her.

Where did you find out about the community?: an ad by autumn on noratingpromos

Livejournal username for this character?:(REQUIRED) I just created a character journal for this character at the_grrl_geek.

Sample Entry:

He stood with his back to her, pouring a glass for himself. He did it every night, a glass of bourbon and a bedtime story with his favorite munchkin. No matter what, the routine never changed. She was the shining star of his life, the only good and decent thing he had ever done. Lifting the glass in his hand, he turned around and watched her, a smile on his face. * God, the joy she has, even at such a young age. *

Victoria laughed, curled up in the corner of the huge, overstuffed loveseat with her teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles. She loved the bear almost as much as her father, though not as much.

Walking around the desk, the candle light flickering in the carrot hair on top of his head, he watched as she chatted in that little gibberish that six year olds have.

"So, what story do you want to hear tonight?"

"The puppy dog one!"

Laughing, he set the glass down on the table, reaching out and tickling her as he drug her across the couch. "The puppy dog one, I don't know if I remember that one."

Laughing, she rolled around, trying to get away from him. "Yes you do daddy." she cried out, squealing as he picked her up and set her in his lap.


The storm was getting closer. She could tell by the way the entire house seemed to move with each rumble of thunder. Cuddling further under the covers, she pulled the thicker quilt over her head and hugged Mr. Snuggles closer. Maybe if she pretended the storm wasn't there, than it would go away. Yes, if she couldn't hear it or see it, than it wasn't there. Closing her eyes, she tried to fall asleep, but as she was starting to drift off, another rumble of
thunder crashed through the house, shaking it on its foundation. Screaming, she threw the covers off her head and ran downstairs. She had to find Daddy; he would make it all better. Scurrying down the stairs, she clutched her bear in one hand, the railing in the
other as she smiled to herself. Daddy would make it all better, and maybe he'd tell her another story. Reaching the bottom, she turned to the left and hurried down the long, dark hall that led to her
father's study. Reaching the door, she stood on tippy-toes and turned the knob. Pushing it open, she called out.

"Daddy, I'm scared."

Stepping into the room, she left the door opened and walked across the big room. It was dark.


A flash of lightening lit up the room and she turned to look at the doors that led into the back yard. Taking a step closer, she looked down at the floor and screamed.

Screaming, Victoria sat up in the large bed, red curls flying around her face as she fought with the tangle of sheets that clung to her body. Gasping for breath, she finally freed her arms from the soft
purple cotton and used them to push the mass of firey hair from her face. Eyes darted around the room as she made sure she really was alone and in her rooms at the school. Why after all these years were the nightmares back? Twenty-two years had passed since that horrible night; twenty-two years of misery, fear, joy, love,development, life and self growth. Pushing the sheets off her body, she turned to sit on the edge of the bed, her feet dangling just off
the floor. Lightening lit the room as she looked up towards the large windows facing the forest.

Shivering, she slipped from the bed, wrapping her arms around herself as she made her way across the room. Picking up the black silk robe, she pulled it on over the tight black yoga pants and flimpsy black tank top.

Tea. She just needed tea.
5th-Jul-2005 02:40 am (UTC)
Very impressive.

You can definitely write. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this.

5th-Jul-2005 03:26 am (UTC)
*wipes brow*

Phew I was so scared it'd be to much. I tend to go overboard with Viki.
5th-Jul-2005 03:32 am (UTC)
You did a magnificant job, you really did.

Even if you did go overboard, that isn't always a bad thing. XD
5th-Jul-2005 02:42 am (UTC)
-claps- Very descriptive. And I do enjoy reading a good flashback story! Though it totally saddened me and almost drove me to tears, that's good. It's a beautiful sample entry and I'm sure you're a beautiful writer.

Do me a favor: if you ever write a book, tell me okay?

I'd be crazy to say no!
5th-Jul-2005 03:37 am (UTC)

Thank you. I love writing as Viki, she's a very inspiring muse and she adapts to so many different situations. I feel bad for her at times though.

I've written some poetry...most of it bad but some of it good...and my long term goal is to write a book. Way long term. Like when I retire.

*dances around*

Yeah! A new RP that's actually developed!
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