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Real Name & Age: You can call me Tenten, and I am 14 years old.… 
9th-Jul-2005 06:50 pm

Real Name & Age: You can call me Tenten, and I am 14 years old.

Character Name & Age: His name is Shannon, and he's also 14 years old.

AIM/MSN/Yahoo: tenshiforgotten, tenshi_forgotten (hotmail), tenshiforgotten

E-mail: tenshi_forgotten@hotmail.com

Time Zone: GMT, I think. (Location: United States, Washington)

Experience: I've done various [Prince of Tennis] RPG's on LJ before, most currently Jirou Akutagawa (doubleyawn) in Dawn of the Dead (tenipuri_dawn) but that one is new, and I've never done original before. I have RPed original just for fun with some friends over AIM however.

Character's Background Info: Shannon can remember some things, but alot of it is fuzzy, and he can't understand it. To make the audience (yes, that's you, the person reading this right now) more intrigued with him, I'll let you know only what he knows. If you can figure more out than he can, well, good for you. Shannon was born in Seattle, Washington of the United States, and went to school, did his homework, had some chores just like everyone else. One thing out of the ordinary however, was that he could seem to talk to people who everyone else said wasn't there. At an early age, he decided not to mention to anyone that he could talk to, what his parents called, "Imaginary Friends."

Specie of your character: Human (Or that's what he is right now. If I can make it fit it, then maybe he'll only be half-human or something like that.)

Why do you think you'd be good as this character: I think I can RP this type of character rather easily. Though, in truth, I've only ever done one other character like him before, and it was a very short RP with a friend of mine.

Where did you find out about the community: I was looking for someone to RP with, got to RPer's Haven, and came here. Reading the userinfo, I decided this could prove to be quite fun.

Livejournal username for this character?: Mind if I make one after I've been approved?

Sample Entry:

"Ne, Shannon-nii? Are you alright?"

Shannon slowly let his eyes open, light streaming into his vision. He took a breath, and then swallowed some of the saliva that was making itself home in his mouth. He gripped something in his right fist, but it merely slipped out. Sand, he thought, as he sat up, grabbing a handful of it and letting it fall back to the ground beside him.

"Shannon?" Looking up at the small creature near his feet, he smiled gently.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Mori." Mori, the name he'd given to the little white and black ball of fluff.

"It's odd. I'm not sure where we are. Normally, I'd know." Mori wasn't lying. No matter where they ended up sometimes, like when he'd gotten lost on the way to his grandmother's house, or when someone gave him bad directions to a birthday party, Mori had always known where they were, why something wasn't quite right. So, why didn't he know now?

"It's odder that we appear to be somewhere no where near home." Because as Shannon turned, he didn't see rocks, like on the seashore near his home, or tall buildings you could always see no matter where in Seattle you were, but thick trees, that he couldn't see to the other side of. And worse, he really did have no idea how they'd gotten there.

"At least we're together!" Mori, ever the optimistic. But Shannon had to agree, at least he wasn't alone.

Extra: I don't have any certain pairings or anything planned for him, but it would be cool to let him have a relationship that starts out as friendship. I'm perfectly fine with RPing sex, but not, say, three days after the two characters meet. Age and gender I really couln't care less about, so whatever floats your boat I guess you could say.

10th-Jul-2005 01:55 am (UTC)
Ok, I thought that was pretty cute.

I liked it.

10th-Jul-2005 01:56 am (UTC)
I'm definitely looking forward to this! I like your character and you seem to have a serious backdrop to you, plus little creatures are wonderful.

You're very open and I can appreciate that.

In, you are.
10th-Jul-2005 03:36 am (UTC) - ooc
Be friends with Lyr. God knows he needs friends. x3
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