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Island of Need :: RPG
Looky, an application =X 
2nd-Jul-2005 05:37 pm

Real Name & Age: Tim, 15

Character Name & Age: Glanvar (Forgotten Exile) Trollrender, 57 years old

AIM/MSN/Yahoo: Darryl4488/Timlude4488@yahoo.com/Timlude4488

E-mail: Digimystic@aol.com/Timlude4488@yahoo.com

Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Savings Time, currently. (some states are still on EST without daying savings... o_O)

Experience?: Yeah, I doubt I need to fill this out.

Character's background info?: Glanvar's a dwarf. His original name was Thorthic (Noble Champion) Trollrender, but he changed it after arriving to Cassesium to reflect his status. His reason for arriving? Well, modern people weren't quite as friendly to 'fantasy' creatures as the Nords his clan had befriended centuries ago. When a couple of those crazy "The truth is out there" types found his clan's home, they attacked. With modern weaponry. Long story short, he was the last clan member left, ready for a final stand, and then he ended up on the island. Not quite as angsty as some people's history, I know. Ah well.

Why do you think you'd be good as this character?: Because no-one ever plays a dwarf, so there aren't many standards to hold me against. Haha, no, seriously, Kat knows me well enough to know I'm slightly-above-mediocre enough to be almost good.

Where did you find out about the community?: Cai and Kat made me *cowers before their might*

Livejournal username for this character?:(REQUIRED) Glanvar

Sample Entry: Glanvar stood in the bar, downing his third Foster's for the night. It wasn't nearly as good as dwarven ale, of course, but... well, the past was the past. It was too bad he had never gotten very good at brewing, really. Although, without the proper ingredients from home he wouldn't have been able to make much anyway. Suddenly, he heard a shout and a clatter from the other side of the bar. The dwarf grinned, turning towards the sound. Some idiot human wanted to start a fight, eh? He'd regret it in the morning. Not even wasting the time to draw his axe, the dwarf ran over (dwarves can be fast over short distances, after all), yelling "Nyr Doch!" He grabbed the man's pant leg and punched him in the gut; it was the closest thing he could reach, to be honest. The man doubled over, and after Glanvar used the butt of his axe on the man's knee, he was barely standing. Calmly lifting the much larger human over his shoulder, Glanvar carried him to the door and tossed him outside. "Too easy."
3rd-Jul-2005 12:41 am (UTC)
Hmmm. The dwarf thing is kind of iffy, Tim...but if you want to try it out, feel free.

Sure, why not?
3rd-Jul-2005 12:58 am (UTC) - Exactly.
No-one ever plays a dwarf... so I'm going to.

Hmm. I already said that. Whoops.
3rd-Jul-2005 12:56 am (UTC)
Good enough for me.
3rd-Jul-2005 12:58 am (UTC)
Yay! Thanks.
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