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Island of Need :: RPG
Real Name & Age: Anna // 18 Character Name & Age: Julia(n) Alessi… 
3rd-Jul-2005 10:42 pm

Real Name & Age: Anna // 18
Character Name & Age: Julia(n) Alessi Adeline // Variable, but lets say around twenty.
AIM/MSN/Yahoo: AIM: AlexsAutumn/Kokoronomiko MSN: Hirazuki_brat@hotmail.com YIM: Arksandre
E-mail: xfoxfirex@gmail.com
Time Zone: EST
Experience?: Erhm. 6-7 years on and off. About a year consistently...
Character's background info?:

One of the things that might confuse people the most about Julia(n) is just that. (S)he was, at some point in his/her life a Julia, and at some point a Julian. A little mix of magic and modern, maybe a whimsy or two. The story usually goes something about her and the Old Man of the Desert, or Coyote making some sort of evil pact between 'em. Sometimes they say the pact goes all wrong and Julia(n) becomes a Middle. A person who isn't ever really in one direction, instead she's got little pieces of herself/himself everywhere, and fragments choose to come out and speak instead of the whole person. Other times the story goes that Julia(n) wanted it that way because of something that is never mentioned, but always alluded to.

Either way (s)he ends up as Julia(n) and goes back to attempting to be who (s)he was before all that magic went on. Well, as one can guess, it didn't go so well, his/her mind being all scattered around like that. It wasn't as if she was crazy, but try looking out of two different eyes for everything and the world gets a little different. People don't like different too well, and were bound to show it. Thus, we guess, came the end of this part of the story, with Julia(n) ending up on the Island.

But maybe its all just a story...?

Species of your character: (S)he is a Middle. A human which doesn't go in any particular direction, not forward or backward in time... And any direction (s)he does go is balanced out by a movement in the other direction. So say (s)he is Julian for a day, she's Julia for the next, or down the minutes or seconds...even.

Why do you think you'd be good as this character?:

Erhm. Well... I've RP'd either Julia or Julian many times, and they're just an oddball mixbag when put together. I'm a bit of an oddball mixbag... so it works out?

Where did you find out about the community?: [info]rp_library

Livejournal username for this character?:(REQUIRED) I haven't gotten it yet, because I don't want to get an LJ for my character and then get my application rejected ._.;;; but I'm planning on lefthandelirium. ^-^;

Sample Entry:

The wall spoke to her, rough brick brushing against her fingertips the same way people brushed across her hips in clubs. Or the way boys tried to brush against girls in the hallways, eyes raking downward to show some sort of attraction. She let her eyes, one blue and one green, slowly filter down the wall. Red, gray, dirt. Her mind organized it into colorbars, mainly reds, some of them edging into black and white. Chiaoscure, the light and dark of art. A thin hand dipped into the duffle at her unlaced black booted feet, slowly, languidly drawing out a can of acrid green paint.

Verdant Acid. The silver can, complete with green cap, read. With a dreamy smile, more seen on those who have bitten into a divine piece of food than a vandal she shook the spraypaint. The tiny silver ball rattling around went well with the ever present jangle of the jewelry she wore. Seven bracelets on her right arm, five on her left, too many earrings which dangled and got tangled, not to mention the lip ring she kept sucking into her mouth and playing with. Thinking.

She'd like to think of herself as a Day-Glo goddess, armed with her bag of paints and a mind like a child's canvas. Colors, colors, she wanted to break the thick black outlines in her mind and let the brick wall spill onto the sidewalk and into the adjacent buildings. She wanted to see colors bleed and mix. A shake and tilt of her head sent the piles of loose hair and tiny braids across the shoulder of her pink vinyl jacket, the fading dyed strands standing out stark and stiff against the brilliant hue.

Julia had used seven cans of paint before she'd been satisfied, the fine red mist crusting over her palms and yellow fishnets. The swirling, borderline psychadelic rose stared back at her from the wall, all seven paint cans lined up beneath it. She added the stylistic 'J' at the bottom of the painting, marking it as her's, and stood back to look at it once more.

The next morning, Julian scrubbed under his fingernails, trying to get the paintstains out. One blue eye and one green eye watching the cuticles obsessively.

But the thing about Julia and Julian, they smiled the same.

4th-Jul-2005 06:13 am (UTC)
BROWNIE POINTS -hands you them- from both mods. :)
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