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cassesium's Journal

Island of Need :: RPG
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Cassesium - The Island of Need

An uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific, this island is a sanctuary for those in need. The Guardians supervise all that goes on, welcoming people and creatures alike who are brought to the secluded land.

Now, we're sure that you have many questions. And those will be answered - all in good time.

What do we mean by 'in need'? Ever been stuck in an unavoidable, tramatic situation? Beaten, raped, left alone, discriminated against, etc, etc?

Who is brought to the Island? Remember all those missing people who were never found or seen again?

Are there only people on the Island? Now, wouldn't that be discrimination?

And to put things more simply....Humans and not so humanistic creatures alike are held in this sanctuary. What do we mean by that?

Have you ever heard of creatures or species that were too unbelievable to exist? Well they do.

A diverse population inhabits this special place. And everyone there has suffered or needed what they couldn't have.

Such needs don't exist on Cassesium. The Island knows what you need.

So, what are you in need of?


Yes, this is an rpg, and yes, you can join, if interested. If you want more information, just email one or both of us at either cairose24@yahoo.com or elementalpain@yahoo.com

If you want to audition, fill out this form

For even more information, click here

However, we do have a few conditions.

We have to approve of your character. If you become too out of hand, then we hold the right to bring up the issue of terminating your character. We do want to be fair, so we will ask the community to vote or whether or not your character should stay or go.

No powerplaying.

No being "God".

No excessive emoness, angst, or drama. Feel free to come up with a colorful background for your character, but do your best to keep the overwhelming drama in your mind. Drama can be your friend, but too much can get you kicked out.

We do allow sexual activity between our members. Slash, femme-slash, and whatever else you may desire, is allowed. If any members don't like that, then they don't have to read it or participate.

You don't have to play a human character. You can come up with a creature of your own or something common. But! It has to speak English. And it has to have some humanistic characteristics. No defecating all over the place or anything like that.

Also, this Island has a couple of quirks to it. All in all, the place is modernized; there's electricity and buildings, just no skyscrapers and cars, but you're not going to freeze if it begins to snow.

Your first post Has to explain what happened to you and why you're here. Simple as that. We will come and greet ya. This is required, and even the mods have to do it. :)

Oh, and one more thing. On this Island, there is only one rule enforced.

You can't ask questions.

Any questions?

In that case, whichever it may be, welcome to Cassesium.


1. autumn____
Name: Autmn Deservio
Age: 16
Species: Human/shapeshifter
AIM: blondemoose89
Email: cairose24@yahoo.com

2. ____sean
Name: Sean Deservio
Age: 19
Species: Human/shapeshifter
AIM: toncinap
Email: elementalpain@yahoo.com

3. glanvar
Name: Glanvar Trollrender
Age: 57
Species: Dwarf
AIM: Darryl4488
Email: Timlude4488@yahoo.com

4. lefthandelirium
Name: Julia/Julian
Age: 20
Species: Middle
AIM: AlexsAutumn
Email: xfoxfirex@gmail.com

5. angelickira
Name: Kira
Age: 15
Species: Faerie
AIM: ISickInTheHeadI
Email: xxsilentscreamsxx@gmail.com

6. the_grrl_geek
Name: Victoria Jasper
Age: 28
Species: Human
AIM: mab8merlin
Email: jenn6142001@yahoo.com

7. silverintellect
Name: Silver
Age: 14
Species: Human
AIM: yellowinsanity42
Email: silverlupin@yahoo.com

8. lyrofearth
Name: Lyr
Age: 13
Species: Human/Elemental
AIM: tenshinoariake
Email: junsui@gmail.com

9. image_imposter
Name: Shannon
Age: 14
Species: magical human
AIM: tenshiforgotten
Email: tenshi_forgotten@hotmail.com

Feel free to join at ANY time!